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Jen Frances Mediano MascariƱas is my fullname. CHEZ is my nickname. And I believe that everygirl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
^^13 years of existance. Blinking since November 26, 2000. Sister of sexykuno. Dancer kuno. Half Spanish. Half Bread. Half time student. Half time blogger. Maganda ang lahi namin. Suplada. Mataray. Isnabera pag ayoko ng ugali mo! Okay, know me before you judge me. Mwamwahugs!

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"Live everyday like i'ts the last."

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All images and notes found in my blog are all mine except for those I reblog. Similarities and copying of any content in my blog without any permission is strictly prohibited. If you will use any of the content in this blog, you must give me some credits or use my blog as the source. Thank you for understanding. Good day.